Why YOU Can!

Young women interested in STEM lack role models and mentors. Check out these short video Podcasts from real Women in STEM explaining why YOU can be successful in STEM!
Sara Steele
Grace Manno
Chinmayi Balusu
Jasmine Gay
Miranda Phillips
Payton Barrington
Riley Remer
Madison McCraney
Sara Beck
Sarah Fuller
Kara Schmoyer
Anastasia Valimaki
Devyn Adler
Kylie Blakely

Black History Month 


In honor of Black History Month Cassie is starting a STEM Black History Month series! In this series she will create a short video about one phenomenal women in STEM who leads the way in minorities in STEM.
Did you know that minorities make up only 16% of STEM and Black women make up 9%?

February 2022


February 2021

Black History is American History.png
Aisha Bowe
Shirley Ann Jackson
Susan McKinney-Steward
Annie Easley